About Us

The Signal Hill 5K is sponsored by the Signal Hill Neighborhood Association with proceeds going to support the ongoing beautification and upkeep of the Signal Hill neighborhood.

The Signal Hill Neighborhood Association (SHNA) was formed in 1985 due to shared interests of the Signal Hill residents about neighborhood safety, aesthetics, and maintenance.

The Association is comprised of dues-paying residents of the Signal Hill neighborhood.  The purpose of this organization is to act in the common interest of the property owners within the boundaries of the Signal Hill neighborhood as set forth in the SHNA Bylaws.  SHNA works to maintain and promote a high standard of quality in the appearance, safety and peaceful enjoyment of the Signal Hill neighborhood.  SHNA also maintains the upkeep of common grounds, facilities and equipment which may be owned by the Association.

There are plenty of great examples of the incredible work performed by the Association over the years –  from the beautiful Community Garden available to residents and the beautification of our entrances, to having one of the best Neighborhood Watch programs in the entire metro area and active engagement with members of local government to ensure the interests of Signal Hill are represented.

Today the Signal Hill neighborhood is nearly 500 families strong, and is a  microcosm of diversity, interests and talent with a common vision:  to make Signal Hill a Great Place to Live.

Please consider sharing your talents and enthusiasm for Signal Hill by joining the Neighborhood Association!